Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I swore up and down that I would never replace books with electronics.

And that's mostly true.

It's just this Kindle is so dang convenient. I got it early (by three days!) and it goes everywhere with me. I have everything that I could dream of needing. I can get "Pride and Prejudice" for free off Amazon, I can check out books online from my library and I can get on the Internet. Though please, don't get it for the Internet. The only reason that I can stand how slow that connection is, is because I wasn't expecting Internet connection. For most practical purposes it stinks. But for fun, it's fine (I mean I can't even listen to Pandora on it. No soundtrack, no cigar).

Yes but keep in mind I have a Generation 2. Not the Kindle Fire. Which I have every intention of buying...when I am independently wealthy.


P.S. I'm Skyping my best friend after work today. Soo excited!!!!

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