Hello Again!

Well, after a long break I'm back! And this time with a few new ideas and thoughts. Stay tuned to see what I come with over the next couple of days. :)

List of my main characters:

K'mar: He is brilliant, but is to all appearances silly, vain, and foolish. He defeats the bad guy (that's the back story, not the main plot for my tale), and is exiled to another country to act as ambassador for his country Jayar. His government hopes that he will be killed or imprisoned. He doesn't agree with them.

Amrise: The ambassador for Alanti. She is a no nonsense type of gal, but is every bit a lady. She initially has nothing to do with K'mar, being disgusted by his seeming uselessness. But when she learns of his real character they become fast allies in the battle to bring peace to their two kingdoms. 

Nolan: Is K'mar's best friend and spy master. Affectionately known as the "Ferret", he is over fond of his wine, but is a key element in all of K'mar's schemes. 

I am still in the progress of building up my other characters, so the following may or may not be permanent.

Machi: The Ambassador from Frile, he is supposed to act as mediator between Jayar and Alanti, but is really just stirring the waters. 

Bethelsda: Head Matron of Alanti, she is the current leader and magical guide for her country. 


Next time I will post with some info about my world and magic system. My personal favorite character is K'mar. Not because he is the main character, but because he is just so dang lovable!     


  1. Hi -thanks for the follow. Like your posts -Great idea here for your story- clearly taking shape & sounds intriguing. Look forward to hearing some more or reading the finished book in the near future. Keep at it.


  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It's nice to know I'm not the only one waiting for the final product.

    Happy writing!