Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where do ideas come from?

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Today I was in the middle of cooking stir-fry for dinner when it occurred to me that I really wanted a cooking scene between my two characters K'mar and Amrise. My only problem was that both are in the privileged class, so what reason do they have to learn how to cook? Well K'mar had somewhat of a soldier's upbringing so he had to learn at least basic soldiers meals, but Amrise is the War Commander's daughter from an affluent country. What's her excuse? She's been raised as a diplomat and has few/no outdoors survival skills. 
 Then it hit me. What if it was the custom for a young woman to cook the meal for her husband at their wedding feast? And if that girl had a mother who felt that she should be able to cook any and everything that her husband would want she would learn early on in her life now wouldn't she? 
And so it went on from there. I can't track where these ideas come from, but they do. This scene will be one of my favorites I think, and all because I was stirring meat for dinner.

Maybe I'll even have her make stir-fry. Can you use a wok over a camp fire?


Have any of you had something come to mind like that?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After printing several of the wrong documents for work, spilling cleaning solution, trying to vacuum with a broken vacuum and come up with story ideas while listening to MPR it occured to me:

Only smart people do stupid things. Stupid people don't know any better.

But that leaves me in a quandry, am I stupid (so therefore it's not my fault) or smart (therefore I am stupid)?


Anyone else have these days...or is it just me?

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello All!

My name is Shayla (Shaylanne to you), and I love to write (hence the sub-title).

Many of you will know me from the blog Authors Anonymous that I co-author with a great little lady named Abbi. Authors was my first attempt at blogging and I loved it. But while Authors Anonymous focuses primarily on writing in general, Mnemosyne is going to feature my projects, my brain children (and just so you know, I love making notes in parentheses, [you've been warned.]).

I want to do something very, very daring. I want to defy convention. I have a silly notion that I can write about teenagers who actually get along with their parents (really), because they are mature enough to deal with that (RANT: honestly this whole notion that the teen years are destined to be trouble is just a case of cause and effect. But I'll write a post about that later). I want to write about things that are out there in the real world. I have the audacity to want to take common political/social problems and put them in a story line that people will enjoy and love. And the most crazy thing of all, I actually dare to think that I can pull this all off without being obvious about it.

So call me insane, but it's a dream of mine.

So why a blog? Why not? I'd like to bounce ideas off of people, and I'd like to start a place where I can get/give ideas for writing. As things progress I will start to add pages, and maybe start to post some stories that I've worked on, or tips that I've found useful etc. Most of all, I want to get the word out. If there are other people out there like me, who want to change the world with their talents (writing or no) I want to hear from them. Because what better stuff is there to write about? ;)

As the final (and probably most important note), I'd like to thank Abbi (my fellow Authors Anonymous author), who designed this blog for me. She really has an eye for things like this, and I am ridiculously pleased with what she has done. If you'd like to see more of her awesome abilities, visit her blog at True Blue Abbi.

It's time for me to head, but in case I don't see yeah, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night!

~ Shay

Do any of you remember that reference in the last line? I can remember it, but I can't remember the movie to save my life...anyone?