Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where do ideas come from?

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Today I was in the middle of cooking stir-fry for dinner when it occurred to me that I really wanted a cooking scene between my two characters K'mar and Amrise. My only problem was that both are in the privileged class, so what reason do they have to learn how to cook? Well K'mar had somewhat of a soldier's upbringing so he had to learn at least basic soldiers meals, but Amrise is the War Commander's daughter from an affluent country. What's her excuse? She's been raised as a diplomat and has few/no outdoors survival skills. 
 Then it hit me. What if it was the custom for a young woman to cook the meal for her husband at their wedding feast? And if that girl had a mother who felt that she should be able to cook any and everything that her husband would want she would learn early on in her life now wouldn't she? 
And so it went on from there. I can't track where these ideas come from, but they do. This scene will be one of my favorites I think, and all because I was stirring meat for dinner.

Maybe I'll even have her make stir-fry. Can you use a wok over a camp fire?


Have any of you had something come to mind like that?

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