Monday, October 29, 2012

Writers-Block has kindly agreed to take a vacation

So I have finished my prologue and part of the first chapter of my story. It is actually closer to a thousand words instead of my wished for two thousand. I hadn't realized how much two thousand was until I sat down with it as a goal. It never felt like a lot when I only had fifteen thousand to work with...But I do like what's happening. Actually that's an understatement, I am really, really excited about what's happening. I've had three different beginnings floating in my head for months, but when this fourth one popped up I knew it was the one to run with. It may not last through the whole process, but it's the beginning that will get me to the end.


Tomorrow is my library day, so I plan on working on my story then, as well as coming up with more terms and sayings (as well as a very broad and rough outline, maybe). I mean, I have read books where the sayings were cheesy and cliche, but I also think that modern-day slang has no right to be in a story where people are capable of flying. I mean when a society is so fundamentally different, its slang should reflect it. So I need to spend time on that, and maybe (just maybe) I can come up with something that is true to my book, and doesn't drive my readers up a wall.


So the slang in novels is a pet-peeve of mine. What things have authors done that makes you squirm?

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